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YOU will agree with me that Chai is an important factor in our life.How about we be genuine briefly. I don’t generally make myself a cup of masala chai without any preparation. While I do realize that it’s inconceivably fulfilling and flavorful to drink a warm cuppa that I know was made completely by me, there are numerous days I simply need to utilize a tea that is now mixed for my benefit. It’s consistently a most loved asset when the colder seasons show up and our immune begins to need a booster. I even named my Chai as DEHATI  since it offers the essence of it!. Most masala chai comprise of similar flavors with a dark tea base however what can make the taste diverse is the proportion of each. Quality is another key thing that has a gigantic effect in the flavor of a masala chai. As far as I might be concerned, I have never discovered a masala chai tea sack that I would consider extraordinary compared to other chai masala out there.


Happy Faces

Better taste and Aroma which gives the purest feeling of village yumm - it’s the original Dehati Chai Masala

Rajkumar Gupta, Mumbai

Excellent flavour and aroma... A must try for all masala chai lover

Kunal Sanghvi, Mumbai

I am a chai lover and have tried out various chai masalas for regular tea, but Dehati_Chai_Masala has a unique taste and flavor which separates it from other chai masalas. One-third teaspoon of Deahti_Chai_Masala in a regular tea gives energy to my soul and refreshes my mind and keeps me relax apart from my busy day.

Dhiraj Patil, Mumbai

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